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Brooklyn Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are probably the most irritating bug on the planet. Not only do they bite you and cause skin irritation but they also are extremely difficult to get rid of unless you call a professional. Bed bugs, or Cimex lectularius in the Latin designation, are extremely resilient pests. They have been known to survive for up to an entire year without feeding. They can also survive temperatures ranging from -10 C to 44 C. By hiding in the folds of fabric it can be very hard to see bed bugs and are usually found by the visual consequences of their feeding, the itchy rash-like marks they leave.

If you have bed bugs call A All Borough Exterminating Co., Inc.. as soon as possible. Bed bugs cannot be removed with over the counter pesticides and the right pesticides must be applied by a professional. As they are about the size and shape of an apple seed they can hide in almost any fabric or crack. It requires a very thorough process, of meticulous inspection and spraying to ensure that the bedbugs have been eliminated.

If you are in the greater Brooklyn area and you have a pest problem then give A All Borough Exterminating Co., Inc. a call. Our reliable service is often same day so that you don’t have to spend another night disturbed by unwanted guests. Our competitive pricing is guaranteed to be the lowest in town, if you can find a better offer than we will match it and reduce it by 5%.